About Rabbi Joel Padowitz

Rabbi Joel Padowitz, MBA, CFA, has been involved in adult Jewish education for twenty years, specializing in the interface between traditional Judaism and modernity. He is the founder and CEO of Palladium Capital Advisors, a leading boutique investment bank. Rabbi Padowitz is an award-winning speaker and writer, whose articles have been published widely and include Triumph and Tragedy: Journeying through 1000 Years of Jewish Life in Poland. Rabbi Padowitz gives regular classes in Mishna & Gemara in RBS and previously served as rabbi for the Aish HaTorah young professional community in London. Rabbi Padowitz studied at Harvard University as an undergraduate and received his MBA from Bar Ilan University where he finished first in his class. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and was honored at the White House by President George H.W. Bush for “outstanding achievements in science.”